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Finex Double Burner Griddle

Product Description

Finex's Griddle features everything your consumers love about FINEX at 22 inches end-to-end, it's large enough to cover two burners or span an oven rack.

Over 150 square inches of machined, polished and pre-seasoned cooking surface, capped with dual stainless steel “Speed Cool” handles: our new Double Burner Griddle is designed to inspire and built to deliver. Family breakfasts, dinner parties, big backyard barbecues—whatever the occasion, the Double Burner Griddle can make it memorable. Invite everyone to the table with our newest culinary heirloom.

  • Twin Spring Handles
  • Machined & Polished Cooking Surface
  • Pre-seasoned with 100% Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Shallow Channel Encircling the Edge
  • Angled Sides
  • Heavy-Gauge Cast Iron Base
  • G18-10001

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