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Private Streaming Cooking Classes

The perfect virtual team building event!

60-75 minute streaming class includes 30 Zoom accounts for $450. 
We can facilitate up to 95 users for an additional $2 per person over 30 users.

Featured in Forbes "Top Online Cooking Classes During Your Homebound Experience"

Examples of options:
Pulling from Argentinian flavors the flexibility of empanadas will be explored.  This class will include baked and fried empanadas Classic Argentinian Beef Empanadas, Corn and Cheese Empanadas.
~Sweet and Savory Crepes
This French classic is a more flexible than people give it credit.  We will explore how to make classic crepes and specifically prepare Apple Crepes with Rum Flambé and Beef and Spinach Manicotti with Tomato and Bechamel Sauce.
~Spanish Tapas
Explore Spanish small dishes as we explore tapas classics. Tortilla Espanola (Potatoes and Egg Frittata with Onions) and Queso Manchego con Higos (Manchego Cheese with Fresh Figs in a Balsamic Reduction).

We are also happy to work with you and design a menu that is facilitates your groups dietary restrictions or preferences.

You will receive the following when you book a private event with The Happy Cook:

  • Recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Wine pairing recommendation
  • Zoom meeting codes
  • Recording of the class to be distributed 24 hours after live class

Streaming Cooking Classes

What to Expect:

The classes runs approximately 60 minutes though plan enough time in case we aren't done cooking yet.  We will open the Zoom meeting and guests are welcome to join 15 minutes before the start of the class.  During that time we leave the microphone open and guests can ask the chef questions and talk amongst the other users.  At the start of the class we mute the microphones and start recording the class.  Once we start recording we use the chat feature for the guests to ask questions and we voice them on their behalf as there is a pause in the class. At the conclusion of the class we stop the recording and open the microphones back up so that participants can share their successes with the group and say farewell to each other.

Please email or call 434-977-2665

if you are interested in more information or availability.