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Coffee Factory Nespresso Compatible Big Red Pods

Product Description

 Big Red is seasonally adjusted with the latest offerings from Ethiopia tempered by a dependable Brazilian coffee. We update the Big Red every few months with new washed Ethiopian coffees, which give the blend a big fruity burst of zingy acidity. We blend these with a Brazilian pulped natural which adds all day drinkability and body. We then roast to a medium light level which brings out the sugars of the beans without masking with any roast flavour.

We love this different but dependable blend and is a great way to try out the exciting coffees coming out of Ethiopia. 


  • Location - Brazil and Ethiopia
  • Varietal - Mixed Varietals
  • Process- Pulped natural and washed
  • Roast level - Light to Medium
  • Body - 5 of 5
  • Acidity - 5 of 5
  • Sweetness - 5 of 5

100% Compostable Nespresso Compatible Pods

Coffee Factory espresso pods are crammed full of expertly roasted, freshly ground coffee ready to be unlocked by you.

Delicious coffee without compromise - It is thought around two of every three coffee capsules used end up in landfill. Aluminium and plastic capsules, while made of recyclable materials, are not easily recycled and last up to 500 years in landfill. Coffee Factory capsules are made of biodegradable materials which are in turn made from renewable raw materials, and the manufacturing process of the capsule is CO2 neutral. They are certified by the OK Compost Industrial scheme, and will break down in six to twelve months. Not only that, but shot for shot, capsule machines use the least amount of energy of any brew method.

  • Box of 20 Capsules 
  • Coffee Factory pods are only compatible with original Nespresso® type machines (not Vertuo)