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Swissmar Cheese Fondue Forks

Product Description

Fondue is a common dish enjoyed at the table, heated over a small burner. Using forks, guests dip bites of food (usually bread or staples like meats, veggies, or fruit) into delicious melted cheese, oil, broth, or chocolate (for dessert). This simple yet traditional meal lets everyone create their own dinner and have a great time chatting and having fun. While cheese fondue is the most famous, meat and chocolate fondues are also traditional, adding a unique and memorable touch to any evening with friends and family. 

  • 3 tines with a slight curve to hold bread; perfect for swooping through cheese fondue
  • Heat-resistant handle with 18/8 stainless steel shaft
  • 5 mm diameter shaft
  • Black handles are numbered
  • F79203