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ThermoWorks Chef Alarm - Black

Product Description

With both high and low alarms, min and max temp display, and a timer built right in, ChefAlarm is the most versatile temperature tracker for the home cook. Perfect for everything from roasts, to baking, to candy making.

  • Big, Bold Display: View all temperature data at once: Zero squinting necessary with large text on this info-rich display, including your min/max temperature.
  • High/Low Alarms: Set and walk away: The high alarm alerts you when you’ve reached your desired temperature. The low alarm (first of its kind) is great for monitoring cool dishes.
  • Loud Timer: Adjustable Settings to 92dB: Set your alarm volume to match your environment, with 4 different volume settings.
  • Splashproof: IP65: Perfect for a commercial kitchen setting or the messy at-home cook.
  • TX-1100-BK