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Cooking Basics - Chops & Chicken

Product Description

Sunday, January 20th, 6-7 pm.  $25 per person limited to 9 students.

The Happy Cook’s Cooking Basics classes are one-hour sessions that introduce the tools of the kitchen, basic cooking techniques, tips on meal planning, and food presentation. These demonstration classes are geared for the person with no or very little experience in the kitchen. Students will see a meal come together from initial prep to final tasting. The material is presented so that the students can take what they see and hear during the sessions and put it into practice at home.  The classes introduce the participants to the real joy of cooking.

Cooking Basics - Chops & Chicken

With an emphasis on sauteeing and pan frying, two different dishes will be demonstrated, each with accompanying vegetables.  Appropriate selection of the type and size  of pan will be discussed as will matching the right cooking medium or fat to be used for each type of food. 

Future classes in series:

Cooking Basics - Veggies (February 3rd)

Students will see vegan-friendly entrees come together from prep to finished plate.  The versatile recipes that will be used can be adapted to the seasonal availability of the vegetables.  Emphasis is on keeping the vegetables’ nutrients during the cooking process as well as keeping the vegetables looking fresh and vibrant. Along with instruction on basic knife skills students will also see how the spiralizer and mandolin can add to the beauty of the presentation.

Cooking Basics - Soups & Stews (February 24th)

The basics of making soups and stews along with their accompaniments will be shown. The demonstrations will emphasize basic braising and boiling techniques.  Students will see how a pressure cooker and  Vita Mix, can be added to traditional cooking techniques to prepare tasty and delicious soups and stews.


$25 per person. 

Book below or feel free to call 434-977-2665 to book during business hours.

Please note cooking classes are non-refundable and non-transferable once booked.  Please verify scheduling availability before booking.

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