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ThermoWorks- Fridge or Freezer Thermometer

Product Description

Thermoworks Digital Fridge Freezer Thermometer Waterproof

Designed for use inside a fridge or freezer, the ThermoWorks water-resistant digital thermometer turns off to save battery power when the door is shut and powers on automatically with the presence of light. Typical battery life is 5 years. It displays the temperature on a large-digit, high-contrast display with a safety zone visual alert when the temperature reading is above 46°F (8°C). A convenient built-in hanging clip can be used to hang the thermometer from a refrigerator rack or can also be swung down to use as a kickstand. With a waterproof rating of IP65, no condensation will ingress during use at low temperatures. It's easy to use, easy to install, and easy to read temperature. For use in foodservice, pharmaceutical, and medical storage, home, lab, and much more.


• Powers off when not in use
• 5-year battery life
• IP65 water-resistant
• Large and clear display
• °C/°F switchable
• Range from -13 to 122°F (-25 to 50°C)
• Visual danger zone alert