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Kitchen Aid 9 Cup Food Processor

Product Description

The Kitchen Aid food processor can do it all. With the option for a high, low, pulse operation speeds with the uniquely designed blade makes precisely sliced soft and hard foods. Low speed is for soft foods like tomatoes, mushrooms or bananas. High speed works great with hard foods like potatoes, carrots or when shredding cheese. The wide mouth makes it easy to add a variety of fruits and vegetables no matter what the size is.


  • KFP0922CU

  • ExactSlice™ System

  •  3-in-1 Ultra Wide Mouth™ Feed Tube 

  • Parts included:

    • Multipurpose Blade - chop and puree foods

    • Dough Blade - for kneading

    • BPA-free 9-cup (2.1 L) work bowl 

    • BPA- free 3-cup (0.7 L) mini bowl 

    • Lid with UltraTight™ Seal

  • HIGH/LOW/PULSE/OFF operation speeds 

  • 1-Year Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty

  • Parts dishwasher safe- top rack



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