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Finex Care Kit

Product Description

If you own cast iron you know that it performs like no other cookware, however, to guarantee that performance you need to care for it. This task has never been easier with the FINEX Cast Iron Care Kit. This three-piece care kit includes a wooden scraper, chain link scrubber, and flaxseed oil, each tool an important part of cast iron upkeep.

The oak wood scraper is specially designed to scrape off residual food without damaging the cast iron, and its angled head is perfect for FINEX's trademark skillet shape. The chain link scrubber is a classic and preferred tool for basic cleaning of your cast iron, adding a dash of soap and warm water and watch as this scrubber gently but thoroughly removes the mess. Last but certainly not least is the flaxseed. This oil is used to preseason your FINEX cookware and is the best option for reseasoning it over time. 

Cast iron is renowned for lasting generations, so turn your favorite FINEX pieces into family heirlooms, get the Cast Iron Care Kit today and treat these indispensable pieces of cookware with the respect they deserve.

Finex Cast Iron Care Kit Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Kit includes: 
    • Oak wood scraper
    • Chain link scrubber
    • Flaxseed oil
  • Kit allows you to restore and maintain cast iron
  • Thoroughly clean cast iron as needed with regular use
  • CK1-10001