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Middle Eastern Mezzeh

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Sunday, April 22th 6-7:30pm $45 per person Limit 16 people

Join Nirvana Abou-Gabal for some delicious gluten-free Middle Eastern Mezzeh.  

Mezzeh: Middle Eastern appetizers which can also serve as small plates, similar to Spanish tapas. Mezzehs can be hot or cold, vegetarian or meat-based, simple dips, or more elaborate pastries. This class will focus on traditional, healthy, vegetarian mezzehs which can be easily replicated at home. 
  • Baba ghanouj: an eggplant and tahini dip topped with fresh pomegranate seeds.
  • Quinoa tebbouleh: a Middle Eastern salad traditionally made with tomatoes, burgul, and parsley in a tangy lemon and olive oil dressing. This version will be made with quinoa instead of the burgul to make it gluten-free.
  • "Fried" haloumi cheese: haloumi is lightly cooked in olive oil, so that it is hard on the outside, and beautifully soft on the inside. 
  • Egyptian potato salad:a different potato salad experience, made with olives, parsley, and a bright citrus dressing. 
  • Spicy feta dip: this humble cheese is elevated and made into a dip with peppers, tomatoes, mint, and fresh olive oil. 
  • Beet salad: made with with a fresh yogurt dressing 
Beverages included
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