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PizzaCraft Pizza Stone Square 15"

Product Description

This 15 in. Square Pizza Stone brings the quality of a professional brick-lined oven to your home kitchen. It eliminates hot spots while cooking and produces a uniformly browned crust. Suitable for use on an outdoor grill or indoor oven, use this stone disc to bake restaurant-quality pizzas, bread pastries or any other baked goods.

  • Baking stones are convenient for heating and reheating ready-made pizza and baked goods
  • Produces pizzeria-style crusts that are crunchy outside and chewy inside
  • Withstands extremely hot temperatures without cracking
  • Stone requires no seasoning or conditioning
  • Mimics the qualities of a brick-lined oven to produce restaurant-quality baked goods
  • May be used with parchment paper to keep it looking its best
  • PC0100