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Nina's Paris- Princess Herbal Tea

Product Description

The story of Nina’s Paris began in 1672 when Pierre Diaz created La Distillerie Fréres. They were the first company specialized in distilling natural essential oils. Diaz, who was also known as the “Magician of Fragrances”, became very famous for his art of creating fragrances. He also began to supply his products to the Royal Court of Versailles, where the lavender and rose fragrances were particularly enjoyed by Marie-Antoinette.

Today Nina's Paris is unique in that they own tea plantations in Sri Lanka where they produce their teas without pesticides in an eco-responsible fashion.  Their teas are also processed with the latest generation of Japanese machines, allowing ultra-selective sorting of teas without any impurities. Nina's Paris also preserves this flamboyant heritage dating from its creation and true to the heart of history and the Court of Versailles!

The Vendôme edition of tea's celebrates the iconic Colonne Vendôme which resides a mere block away from Nina's Tea House in Paris.

  • Signature Vendôme edition reusable metal tin
  • 3.52 oz (100 g) of loose tea
  • Imported from France
  • Pieces of apple, hibiscus, blackcurrant berries, natural aromes (raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry, cherry, tangerine), rose petals, raspberry pieces, mallow flowers.