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ThermoWorks Square Dot - Red

Product Description

Grills, smokers, and ovens rarely display the real internal temperature. See your appliance's true performance. Square DOT's Average Mode automatically calculates the 15-minute running average temperature so you can control your cook every time.

  • Two Channels: Measure both your food and the cooking environment with Average Mode OR set two high alarms to track two different foods while they cook.
  • Unbeatable Simplicity: Like with DOT, just press the Up and Down buttons to set your High Alarms for each channel. Press ANY button to activate the backlight.
  • Super-Rugged: Molded-in seals protect against spills, splashes, and rain. With the reinforced frame and 5,000 hours of battery life, Square DOT will be ready when you need it.
  • Verified Accuracy: Each Square DOT comes with its own NIST-traceable calibration certificate verifying its accuracy to national standards.
  • TX-1220-RD