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41st Anniversary Sale!!!

41st Anniversary Sale!!!

Join The Happy Cook Celebrating

41 Years of Serving the

Charlottesville Community

Monday, October 21st to Sunday, October 27th

We want to thank all of our customers for their support of The Happy Cook over the last 41 years.  
We’ll be having prize giveaways, gourmet samples and demos during our Anniversary Celebration.
Prize Giveaways Everyday!
Come in to the store during the week and enter in for daily raffles.  
Over $2,000 in prizes throughout the week.


Monday, October 21st

20% OFF Le Creuset

Includes cast iron, stainless cookware, non-stick cookware, pottery and gadgets.
Excludes promotional pieces and sets.


Tuesday, October 22nd

Polish Pottery

20% OFF All Polish Pottery


Wednesday, October 23rd


20% OFF All Cutlery & ZWILLINGfest!

20% OFF Wusthof, Shun, Global, Mercer, Chroma, Kikuichi and more.
Excludes promotional pieces and sets.
PLUS AMAZING promotions (up to 60% OFF) on all of Zwillings brands
including: Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Miyabi, Staub, Ballarini & Demeyer.

Thursday, October 24th

All Clad Sale

20% OFF All-Clad

Excludes promotional pieces and sets.


Friday, October 25th

Juliska Sale

20% OFF all Juliska 

Includes: Berry and Thread, Jardin du Monde, Pewter and Country Estate

Saturday, October 26th

30% OFF Nespresso Espresso & Coffee Machines!

*Excludes Essenza Mini


Sunday, October 27th

Happy Cook Sale

Enjoy all discounts from the Week!


During our Anniversary Celebration come in each day and sign up for daily prize giveaways.  All entries will be carried over for the Grand Prize Drawing.  You may enter each day, making you eligible for all drawings as well as 6 entries for the grand prize. 

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Caring for your knives

Caring for your knives

It’s said that a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife.  The reasoning being, that with a dull knife you are pressing harder and are then capable of doing more harm to yourself when a mishap occurs.  We at The Happy Cook don’t have any statistics on this, but what we do know is that you get better results when you use a sharp and well- maintained knife.

All knives start out sharp.  It is the owner’s job to keep them that way.  There are two steps to keeping that just-like-new edge.  The first is to hone the knife at frequent intervals. Chef’s usually hone their knives each time they begin working.  Honing is where the knife is pulled multiple times at an angle of 20 degrees to 30 degrees along the side of a “steel.”  Although these “steels” can be made of ceramic as well as steel or steel composites, they all do the same job—aligning the microscopic burrs that occur on the edge of the knife. These burrs are inevitable, no matter how careful you are with your cutting surface.

The second part of maintenance is to actually sharpen the knife at regular intervals.  The definition of “regular” depends on how often you use the knife.  A knife that is in regular use in a home kitchen probably needs sharpening two times a year.  

There are a lot of good sharpening devices on the market from sharpening stones, to the small hand-held manual sharpeners,  to electric ones with variable sharpening options. Be sure to get a sharpener that is made for your type of knife—there are different sharpeners for Asian and for European style knives.

The alternative to investing in a sharpening device is to bring it to the folks you trust at The Happy Cook.  Our professional knife sharpeners will give your knives a good new edge and usually do it within a two-day turn around.  Call for more details about our knife sharpening service 434-977-2665.



Spiralizers are incredibly popular right now but a lot of people are really unsure of how to use them or what they would use them for.  The most popular thing to spiralize is zucchini to make zoodles.  Once you run the zucchini through the spiralizer you get thin noodle like strings of zucchini that you can then saute with olive oil and herbs.  This can be eaten as is or serves with a sauce like traditional pasta.  It is a delicious alternative to noodles and it is carb free and great for you!

Another thing I like to spiralize at home is sweet potatoes and then sprinkle them with olive oil and ground thyme, place them in the oven and roast them until they are crispy. This is a great crunch topping to a number of things, we particularly like them served on top of burgers.  

Spiralizers are a great tool in the kitchen that are here to stay and can be used in so many different ways.

Check out one of our favorite spiralizers here.

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Finex Handmade Cookware

Finex Handmade Cookware

FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Company is a small team of Portland based perfectionists dedicated to making heirloom quality cast iron cookware in the USA. Work that is inspired by the best in vintage American cast iron skillets and designed for today’s cooks and kitchens.

Commitment to cast iron runs deep with FINEX.  Each piece is polished smooth,an  easy-to-release cook surface that leaves more food on your plate and less in the skillet; with castings made thicker to optimize modern searing techniques that seal in flavors; ergonomic spring handles that stay cooler so you can easily grip the pan while cooking. They have created a modern cast iron product that cooks like it was your grandmother’s skillet.

FINEX believes in the inherent power and goodness of heirloom quality cookware and the cooking traditions and stories it can hold. All of their products are designed to endure years of regular use and with hopes that they will be passed on to future generations.

Check out our Finex cookware here.