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GIR Silicone Face Masks

GIR Silicone Face Masks

One of our kitchenware wholesale companies has transferred from making spatulas and straws to making silicone face masks with replaceable filters.

Click here to order GIR Silicone Face Masks.

We have now received two shipments of GIR masks we have had a few weeks of using them here in the store and around town and we love them!

The masks are dishwasher safe and using the replacement filters you get far superior protection as compared to cloth or simple procedural masks.

We are also excited to have kids masks arriving around mid-June.


Tips and Tricks to using your GIR Silicone Face Mask  

We have found that the best procedure is to keep the mask tight.  There is an enclosed round clip that can be used to secure the mask behind your head if the mask is slightly loose when you wear it around your ears.

If you prefer to wear it loose, take it on and off regularly or you cannot use the clip because of headwear then it is important to secure your filter with additional adhesive.  We have found "Scotch Restickable Tabs" and permanent double-sided mounting squares to be a great solution.  

There is adhesive on the back of the replaceable filter but particularly when the mask is loose or if you are talking a lot with the mask on the filter and mask move independently and cause the adhesive on the filter to come loose and then the filter may fall out particularly if there is not a tight fit.  Both of the above pictured adhesives have been found to work great and you can even reuse the adhesive after replacing the filter the next day.  

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