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Basic Knife Skills

Basic Knife Skills

 Join owner of The Happy Cook Monique Moshier as she shows how to correctly and safely use a knife in the kitchen.  Monique discusses picking the right knife for the right task and how to tackle different fruit and vegetables step by step.  Also discussed are how to sharpen, clean and store knives. 



    Zwilling Pro 7" Chefs

    Zwilling Pro 7" Chef's Knife


    Zwilling Pro Fillet Knife - 7"

    Zwilling Pro 7" Fillet Knife



    Zwilling Pro 2 Piece Prep Set



    Zwilling Knife Sharpeners


    Zwilling Knife Sharpeners


    Click here for full Zwilling Pro Line up

    Feel free to call 434-977-2665 if you have questions about any topics or products covered in the knife skills class.


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