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Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream


In the summer my family loves to make homemade ice cream.  We are part of a Jersey Cow herd share and so often have extra milk and making fresh, no cook ice cream is a great way to enjoy that milk!  Below is the recipe that I use adapted for traditional store bought milk.  When we make the recipe at home we do not use any heavy cream and just make with straight raw milk which is slightly healthier but the cream gives it much more creamy richness.




3/4 Qt Whole Milk

3/4 Qt Heavy Cream

1 cup sugar

2 T vanilla extract

¼ tsp of salt


  1. Using a 2 large 2 qt measuring bowl add sugar, vanilla and salt.  Add up to 3/4 Qt heavy cream and then fill measuring bowl up to the 1.5 Qt line with milk.  (If you are using a high fat milk, such as Jersey Cow raw milk, you can use less cream or no cream if you would like but either way finish with a 1.5 Qt total volume.
  2. Whisk mixture well.
  3. Add to ice cream maker and let run for 20-30 minutes until thick and ready to eat.
  4. Transfer remaining ice cream to storage container and store in the freezer.



 Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop



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