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Grilled Pizza with Finex's Grill Pan

Grilled Pizza with Finex's Grill Pan

During our snowy weekend we decided to put to use an amazing grilled pizza technique that Ian Redshaw showed in one of our virtual cooking classes in the summer.  

 Grilled Pizza

In this technique you start with a cast iron grill pan that has been preheating on high for 10 minutes or more so that it is blazing hot.  If you do not have a very well seasoned pan it would be wise to add a coat of oil before you add your pizza to the pan.  I sauced and built the pizza while it was on the pan so it would be easy to transfer to the pan.  After about 3-5 minutes when there was good browning on the bottom of the crust and starting to firm up a little on the top I transferred the pan to a 500F oven (the highest setting my oven will go) and then cooked another 3-5 minutes until the cheese was bubbly and then took out to cool.

Grilled Pizza from Oven

Finished Grilled Pizza

For Ian's pizza dough recipe and complete instruction on making grilled pizza at home you can purchase a recording of his cooking class here.


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