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Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta

One of my favorite things to cook when I have plenty of time and want a comforting meal is homemade pasta.  Whether using the silky noodles with a simple sauce or turning those paper thin sheets of pasta into ravioli there are so many delicious meals to create from homemade pasta.  We wanted to share one of our favorite pasta recipes from one of our cooking class instructors Soledad Liendo.


Homemade Pasta



2 CUPS all purpose unbleached flour

3 eggs

1 tsp olive oil

¼ tsp of salt


  1. Mound the flour on the work surface and make a well in the center.
  2. Break the eggs into the well add the olive oil, and salt. Using a fork, begin to whisk the eggs and oil together, incorporating a little of the flour as you do so.
  3. Gradually blend the flour with the eggs, working from the center out. Use your free hand to hold the mound in place and stop leakage if any of the egg escapes.
  4. Knead the dough on a lightly floured surface with smooth, light strokes, turning it as you fold and press. It should be soft and pliable, but dry to the touch. If it is sticky, knead in a little flour.
  5. It will take at least 5 minutes kneading to achieve a smooth and elastic texture with a slightly glossy appearance. Put the dough in a plastic bag or cover with a kitchen towel. Allow resting for 30 minutes.
  6. Divide the dough into four portions and shape each into a rough log. Keep the unworked portions covered.
  7. Use a pasta machine with the machine’s rollers at their widest settings, crank the dough though two or three times. Fold it in thirds, turn the dough 90 degrees and fed through again. Repeat this folding and rolling process at least six times, or until the dough is a smooth and elastic sheet with a velvety appearance.
  8. Reduce the width of the rollers by one setting and pass the dough through. Repeat, setting the rollers one notch closer each time until you have rolled the desire thickness.
  9. As each sheet is completed, place it on a floured surface.

Recipe courtesy of Happy Cook cooking instructionor Soledad Liendo




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